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No upcoming events: iBROW is now complete!

The work is continued in related H2020 projects such as TERAPOD and ThoR.

Past events

EuMW 2018
European Microwave Week 2018
23-28 Sep-2018; Madrid, Spain
The European Microwave Exhibition (25-27 Sep-2018) is the largest trade show dedicated to Microwaves and RF in Europe, providing: 8000 sqm of gross exhibition space, around 4000 visitors from around the globe, >1500 conference delegates and in excess of 300 international exhibitors. In parallel there are three world class conferences: European Microwave Conference (EuMC), the largest event in Europe dedicated to microwave components, systems and technology, European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC) and European Radar Conference (EuRAD).
iBROW had a paper at this event.

AP-S 2018
2018 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and USNC-URSI Radio Science Meeting
08-15 Jul-2018; Boston, MA, USA
This year’s technical program includes a wide range of technical sessions, workshops, and short courses, as well as numerous exhibits. It also has a number of activities dedicated specifically to students and young professionals. This event is a key international forum for the exchange of ideas on state-of-the-art research in antennas and propagation and radio science. Through a range of technical and social activities, it provides the opportunity to interact with the world’s leading experts in antennas and propagation and radio science from academia, industry, and government.
INESC presented in the session WE-A5.1A on “Elliptical Monopole Antenna on InP Substrate for Sub-THz RTD-based Oscillators”

ICTON 2018
International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks 2018
01-05 Jul-2018; Bucharest, Romania
The scope of the Conference is focused on the applications of transparent and all-optical technologies in telecommunications, computing and novel applications. Special sessions on superresolution light microscopy techniques and image processing will be included in the conference program. Conference topics include: next generation networking, optical transparency and network scalability and wireless and optical networking (GOWN).
INESC gave an invited paper on “Experimental evaluation of resonant tunnelling diode oscillators employing advanced modulation formats” (We.B1.3)

ICT 2018
International Conference on Telecommunications
26-28 June 2018; St. Malo, France
In this twenty-fifth conference in the series, the theme focuses on recent THz technology that has attracted a great deal of interest from academia and industry. This is due to a number of interesting features of THz waves, including the tens of gigahertz bandwidths available. The broad bandwidth of the THz frequency bands can be used to reach Tbps wireless indoor communication systems.
Thomas Kürner (TU Braunschweig) gave an invited keynote address on THz communication and its potential for beyond 5G networks

EuCNC 2018
European Conference on Networks and Communications 2018
18-21 Jun-2018; Ljubljana, Slovenia
EuCNC 2018 is the 27th edition of a successful series of technical conferences in the field of telecommunications, sponsored by IEEE ComSoc and EURASIP, and financially supported by the European Commission, focusing on communication networks and systems, and reaching services and applications. It targets to bring together researchers from all over the world to present their latest research results, being one of the main venues for showcasing, demonstrating and trialling the results of research projects, especially from successive European R&D programmes.
Prof. Kürner (TU Braunschweig) gave a keynote speech: THz Communications – An option for Wireless Networks Beyond 5G? (TUE 19-Jun-2018, 09:00-10:30, Linhart Hall).

IMS 2018
IEEE International Microwave Symposium 2018
10-15 Jun-2018; Philadelphia, USA
Topics at this major event include: microwave theory and techniques, RF/microwave/millimeter-wave/terahertz circuit design and fabrication technology and radio/wireless communication.


Porto VTC LogoTHz Communications Beyond 5G Workshop
1st International Workshop on THz Communication Technologies for Systems Beyond 5G
(In conjunction with 2018 IEEE 87th Vehicular Technology Conference: VTC2018-Spring)
03-06 Jun-2018; Porto, Portugal
Motivated by the potential of THz technologies to transform the future of ICT, this workshop aspires to reveal and discuss the critical technology gaps as well as the appropriate enablers, in terms of baseband processing RF frontend, channel models and waveforms, signals and coding, beam-patterns and medium access schemes.
Scott Watson (UGLA) presented on THz comms based on iBROW work and TU Braunschweig gave a paper on human blockage in mm-wave and THz comms.


ISCS.jpgISCS 2018 (part of Compound Semiconductor Week 2018)
45th International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors
29-May to 01-Jun-2018; Cambridge (MA), USA
CSW 2018 will start with a short course on the materials and device opportunities in machine learning, which will then followed by a joint plenary session, two poster sessions, more than 32 parallel sessions, as well as a focus session on Ga2O3 materials and devices.
Edward Wasige from UGLA gave an invited paper on iBROW.


GSMM 2018
11th Global Symposium on Millimeter Waves 2018
22-24 May-2018; Boulder, CO, USA
The main theme of the GSMM2018 is mm-wave propagation: hardware, measurements and systems. It covers mm-wave and THz devices, circuits, systems, and applications, with a special focus on mm-wave propagation. The conference will include keynote talks, technical sessions, panels, and exhibitions. Specific topics include: mm-wave and THz Communications and sub-mm-wave and THz Technologies.
Thomas Kürner (TU Braunschweig) gave an invited keynote address: Advanced Channel Measurements for THz Communications


iBROW workshop
23-24 Apr-2018; Glasgow, UK
iBROW will hold a final workshop as part of a focused Terahertz Electronics event at the University of Glasgow on 23-24 Apr-2018; the agenda will include some highly respected international guest speakers. There will be a small exhibition by industry as well as a live demonstration of the highlight project results which include short range high speed wireless communications using 300 GHz transmitters with data rates of over 10 Gbps using resonant tunnelling diode (RTD) technology. More details can be found here.

ICMIM 2018
4th Int. Conf. on Microwaves for Intelligent Mobility
16-17 Apr-2018; Munich, Germany
This conference covers a broad range of topics that enable intelligent mobile systems through RF/microwave/millimeter wave components, circuits and systems. Potential applications include cognitive and autonomous automobiles and robots, wireless communications between automobiles and industrial machines.

EuCAP 2018
12th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation
08-13 Apr-2018; London, UK
EuCAP has now become one of flagship conferences on antennas and propagation attracting all researchers across the world. With approximately 1200 attendees it is the largest conference of its type outside of the USA. It will cover a wide area of research, related to antennas and propagation, and encompasses various aspects of fundamental theory, numerical modelling and designs, industrial applications, advanced manufacturing and measurements. Convened sessions address key topical problems,particularly proposals from industrialists, concerning futuristic, cross-disciplinary and high impact topics.
TU Braunschweig presented a paper on: Two-Step Angle-of-Arrival Estimation for Terahertz Communications Based on Correlation of Power-Angular Spectra in Frequency


19th IEEE Wireless and Microwave Technology Conference
03-04 Apr-2018; Florida, USA
The conference will address up-to-date multidisciplinary research needs and interdisciplinary aspects of wireless and RF technology.

3rd International Conference on Terahertz Emission, Metamaterials and Nanophotonics
25-29 Mar-2018; Uxmal, Yucatan, Mexico
The Mediterranean Institute of Fundamental Physics (MIFP) is organizing the International Conference on Terahertz Emission, Metamaterials and Nanophotonics that will be held in Hacienda Uxmal Plantation & Museum (Mexico) from 25 March to 29 March 2018. Topics of TERAMETANANO-3 include but are not limited to: terahertz spectroscopy, metamaterials and hybrid materials.


RWW 2018
Radio and Wireless Week 2018
14-17 Jan-2018; Anaheim, CA, USA
RWW consists of five related conferences that focus on the intersection between wireless communication theory, systems, circuits, and device technologies. This creates a unique forum for engineers to discuss various technologies for state-of-art wireless systems and their end-use applications.


MMS 2017
Mediterranean Microwave Symposium 2017
28-30 Nov-2017; Marseille, France
Topics covered include: microwave-media interaction, microwave metrology, 3D printing for microwave applications, classical and organic microelectronics for microwave applications, sustainable development related to microwave, spatial communications and new solutions for innovating learning for electromagnetism teaching.


EuMW 2017
European Microwave Week 2017
08-13 Oct-2017; Nürnberg, Germany
EuMW is a major six day event which includes the European Microwave Conference (c. 2000 delegates), a three-day exhibition (c. 4000 international visitors and 8000 square metres floorspace) and a wide range of workshops and short courses.
iBROW had a booth (#278) and a paper at this event.


IRMMW-THz 2017
42nd International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves
27-Aug to 01-Sep-2017; Cancun, Mexico
Founded in 1974 this conference and its long standing accompanying monthly publication, now known as the Journal of Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves (JIMT), were among the very first scientific outlets for the burgeoning field of far infrared research. Topics at the conference include (amongst many others): sources, detectors and receivers; modeling and analysis techniques; devices, components and systems; mm and sub-mm wave systems.


ICTON 2017
19th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks
02-06 Jul-2017; Girona, Spain
The scope of the Conference is concentrated on the applications of transparent and all-optical technologies in telecommunications, computing and novel applications. Of particular relevance to iBROW are the following topics: next generation networking, wireless and optical networking (GOWN), microwave photonics, new transmission windows and non-conventional optical communications.
INESC presented an iBROW paper at this event: “Analysis of Resonant Tunnelling Diode Oscillators under Optical Modulation.”


IRS 2017
International Radar Symposium 2017
28-30 Jun-2017; Prague, Czech Republic
IRS aims to provide a forum for both academic and industrial professionals in radar from all over the world and to bring together academicians, researchers, engineers, system analysts, graduate and undergraduate students with government and non-government organizations to share and discuss both theoretical and practical knowledge. The scope is very broad; a small snapshot of the many topics includes: THz technology, optical signal processing, advanced sub-systems (antenna calibration; T/R modules; passive and active arrays; transmitters / receivers and RF modular architectures.


EuCNC 2017
European Conference on Networks and Communications 2017
12-15 Jun-2017; Oulu, Finland
EuCNC 2017 is the 26th edition of a successful series of a technical and scientific conference open to the world research community, sponsored by the European Commission, in the area of Telecommunications, focusing on communication networks and systems, and reaching services and applications. It aims at showcasing the results of the consecutive programmes on R&D and projects co-financed by European programmes, as well as presenting the latest developments in this area.


International Microwave Symposium 2017
04-09 Jun-2017; Hawaii, USA 
IMS2017 is the centerpiece of Microwave Week 2017. IMS2017 offers technical sessions, interactive forums, plenary and panel sessions, workshops, short courses, industrial exhibits, application seminars, historical exhibits, and a wide variety of other technical and social activities including a guest program. As usual, the Microwave Week 2017 technical program also comprises the RFIC Symposium and the ARFTG Conference.


Workshop on THz Research, Technology and Applications
18-May-2017; Leuven, Belgium
Hermes Partnership, together with IMEC-Academy, will jointly organize a workshop on current scientific and ap­plied research in the mmW/THz domain with a focus on THz-sensing and THz-telecommunications. Strong emphasis will be on application needs and requirements. The aim of the workshop is to bridge research and the needs of industry and SMEs. Expert researchers and THz designers are invited to make a condensed presentation of their results and end-users are invited to present a concise overview their needs and requirements.


aop2017AOP 2017
III International Conference on Applications in Optics and Photonics
08-12 May-2017; Faro, Portugal
This event, hosted by iBROW partner University of the Algarve, will be the major optics conference in Portugal in 2017, to discuss the recent progress and to establish a view on the future of all fields of optics and photonics. The content is extremely wide ranging, with presentations invited from all fields and topics on applications of optics and photonics.
iBROW will have two dedicated sessions at this event [THU 11-May-2017 (Th.3.c) and FRI 12-May-2017 (Fr.1.c)] with several guest speakers and invited iBROW papers including:
“Performance characteristics of 1550 nm and 1310 nm detuned ridge waveguide distributed feedback laser diodes”
Paper AO100-193: Scott Watson, Jue Wang et al. (Univ. of Glasgow, CST & Univ. do Algarve)
“Resonant tunnelling diode based high speed optoelectronic transmitters”
Paper AO100-194: Horacio I. Cantu & Andrew McKee (CST Global)
“Resonant tunneling diode oscillators for optical communications”
Paper AO100-209: Jue Wang, Abdullah Al-Khalidi et al. (Univ. of Glasgow & Univ. do Algarve)

Other iBROW papers include:
“Resonant tunneling diode photodetectors for optical communications”
Paper AO100-9: Gil C. Rodrigues, João F. M. Rei et al. (Univ. do Algarve & Univ. of Glasgow)
“Simulation of optoelectronic circuits based on resonant tunneling diodes”
Paper AO100-10: João F. M. Rei, James A. M. Foot et al. (Univ. do Algarve)


OTST 2017
7th International Conference on Optical Terahertz Science and Technology
02-07 Apr-2017; London, UK
OTST 2017 will bring researchers from around the world to present and discuss most recent advances in terahertz (THz) research, ranging from fundamental science to cutting edge developments in THz technology. For the first time the conference will be held in Europe in the heart of London following the previous six conferences held in USA and Japan. An introductory workshop/tutorial for students and those who are new to the field of THz science and technology will be organised on the first day.



Wireless Days 2017
29-31 Mar-2017; Porto, Portugal
The Wireless Days Conference is a major international conference on theoretical and practical aspects of wireless networking. Wireless Days 2017 is technically co-sponsored by IEEE Communications Society and IFIP. Topics of interest of WD 2017 are organized into the following five tracks: 5G and Beyond; Wireless Communications; Ad Hoc, Sensor, Vehicular and Delay Tolerant Networks; Wireless Models and Simulations; and Mobile Networking and Computing.


EuCAP 2017
11th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation
19-24 Mar-2017; Paris, France
EuCAP has been run by the European Association on Antennas and Propagation (EurAAP) since 2006, and has become a major and referenced event in the area of antennas and propagation. EuCAP fosters the meeting and cross-fertilization between academia, research centres and industry. To that aim, tools such as application tracks, industrial workshops, technical tours and a large exhibition have been implemented. Topics include: electromagnetic theoretical aspects, mathematical signal and data processing methods, physics of devices and physics of fields, software developments and technological fabrication aspects.


SPIE Photonics WestPhotonics West 2017
28-Jan to 02-Feb-2017; San Francisco, USA
SPIE Photonics West 2017 is the world’s largest multidisciplinary event focusing on photonics technologies. There were more than 20,000 attendees and 4,800 papers presented in 2016, in the areas of biomedical optics and biophotonics, industrial lasers and laser sources, optoelectronic devices and materials, nanophotonics and MOEMS-MEMs, this is the venue to showcase your work and connect with the leading experts in these fields
University of Glasgow  presented an invited paper on “Resonant tunneling diode sources for broadband wireless communications”


eumw2016_bannerEMW 2016
19th European Microwave Week
03-07 Oct-2016; London, UK
Bringing industry and academia together, European Microwave Week 2016 is a five day event, including three cutting edge conferences and an exciting trade and technology exhibition featuring leading players from across the globe. EuMW 2016 provides access to the very latest products, research and initiatives in the microwave sector. It also offers you the opportunity for face-to-face interaction with those driving the future of microwave technology. The 19th European Microwave Week combines: three conferences, associated workshops, tailored courses and aeminars for industrialists, academics and researchers as well as a leading international trade show.
iBROW held a dedicated workshop (WF07) entitled “Compact and High Performance Millimetre-Wave and THz Sources & Systems” on FRI 07-Oct-2016 and a booth (#075). There were also several other iBROW papers from University of Glasgow presented at the conference.


CLEO2016 logoCLEO 2016
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics
05-10 Jun-2016; San Jose, USA
CLEO serves as a key international forum for scientific and technical optics, uniting the fields of lasers and opto-electronics by bringing together all aspects of laser technology, from basic research to industry applications. Attendees have the opportunity to hear and present groundbreaking research, share ideas, and network with colleagues and luminaries. CLEO presents a world-renowned peer-reviewed program and offers high quality content from five core event elements: CLEO: QELS – Fundamental Science; CLEO: Science & Innovations; CLEO: Applications & Technology; CLEO: Market Focus and CLEO:EXPO


EMRS logo2016 E-MRS Spring Meeting
02-06 May-2016; Lille, France
The conference will include 31 parallel symposia, one plenary session, one exhibition and much more. All technical sessions and non-technical events will be held at Lille Grand Palais. Topics include wide bandgap materials for electron devices and silicon compatible materials and integrated devices for photonics and optical sensing.
IQE presented an iBROW paper at this event.


EUCAP2016 logoEuCAP 2016
European Conference on Antennas and Propogation
11-15 Apr-2016; Davos, Switzerland
EuCAP is supported by top level world-wide associations on Antennas and Propagation, and provides a forum on the major challenges faced by these communities. Contributions from colleagues from European and non-European industries, universities, research centres and other institutions are most welcome. The conference will provide an overview of the current state-of-the-art in Antennas, Propagation and Measurements topics, highlighting the latest developments and innovations required for future applications.
Bile Peng from TU Braunschweig presented an iBROW paper in Davos.


ieee802_15logoIEEE 802 Interim Session
17-22 Jan-2016; Atlanta, GA, USA
This session will include Task Group 3d 100 Gbit/s Wireless (TG 3d (100G)); a key part of iBROW technology.
TUBS represented iBROW at this standards meeting.


IEEE 802 Plenary Session
ieee802_15logo08-13 Nov-2015; Dallas, USA
This session will include Task Group 3d 100 Gbit/s Wireless (TG 3d (100G)); a key part of iBROW technology.
TUBS represented iBROW at this standards meeting.


CSICS logoCSICS 2015
2015 IEEE Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium
11-14 Oct-2015; New Orleans, USA
Starting in 1978 as the GaAs IC symposium, CSICS has evolved to become a leading international forum for developments in compound semiconductor integrated circuits, embracing GaAs, InP, GaN, SiGe, as well as nanoscale CMOS technology. Coverage includes all aspects of the technology from materials issues, device fabrication and modeling through IC design and testing, high volume manufacturing, and system applications. Specific technical areas of interest include: innovative device concepts in emerging technologies, analog, RF, mixed-signal, mm-wave, THz circuit, wireless handsets and base stations and device and IC manufacturing processes.
UGLA will present a paper at this event; details TBC.


ALT 2015 logoALT15
International Conference on Advanced Laser Technologies 2015
07-11 Sep-2015; Faro. Portugal
ALT was established in 1992 by the Nobel Prize Laureate Alexander Prokhorov, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Director of the General Physics Institute. Typically the number of conference attendees varies between 120 and 200. The 4-5 days Program includes top-level plenary talks that outline the new trends or summarize extensive research results and are accompanied by invited, oral and poster presentations.
The conference was hosted by iBROW partner University of the Algarve
Edward Wasige gave a paper on “Resonant Tunneling Diode Terahertz Sources.”


ieee802_15logoIEEE 802 Plenary Session
12-17 Jul-2015; Hawaii, USA
This session will include Task Group 3d 100 Gbit/s Wireless (TG 3d (100G)); a key part of iBROW technology.
TUBS represented iBROW at this standards meeting.


CSW_2015 logo

CSW 2015
Compound Semiconductor Week
28-Jun to 02-Jul-2015; Santa Barbara, USA

This event comprises two important conferences: the 42nd International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors and the 27th International Conference on Indium Phosphide and Related Materials. Following the great success of the last meeting in Montpellier, which attracted 455 attendees, both renowned conferences will again be held co-located June 28-July 2nd, 2015 under the umbrella of the Compound Semiconductor Week 2015 in Santa Barbara, California

UGLA presented a paper on, “Planar Fabrication Process Development for Mm-Wave Resonant Tunneling Diodes (RTD) Using BCB Etch-Back.” 


PRIME_2015 logoIEEE PRIME 2015
11th Conference on Ph.D. Research in Microelectronics and Electronics
29-Jun to 02-Jul-2015; Glasgow, UK

IEEE PRIME 2015 will be held from 29th of June to 2nd of July 2015 at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. The event will feature conference program reflecting the wide spectrum of research topics in Microelectronics and Electronics, building bridges between various research fields. PRIME has been established over the recent years as an important conference where Ph.D. students and post-docs with less than one year post-Ph.D. experience can present their research results and network with experts from industry, academia and research

UGLA presented a paper on, “MMIC Resonant Tunneling Diode Oscillators for THz applications.”


16th International Symposium on RF-MEMS and RF Microsystems
29-30 Jun-2015; Barcelona, Spain
Invited and peer reviewed papers will be presented to provide an international forum for scientists and industrialists for the exchange of information on the most recent advances and best achievements in the area of RF-MEMS, MSTs and RF-NEMS with emphasis on European achievements.

iBROW participated in the RF-MST Cluster Meeting (01-Jul-2015) co-organised with the EC, where the achievements of MEMS-related EC projects were discussed.