Newsletters will be issued approx. every six months.

Newsletter #6 (Sep-2018)

Topics in this newsletter include:

  • Improved RTD devices
    • First ever RTDs from direct silicon wafer bonding
    • New state-of-the-art in RTD power & efficiency for e-RTDs and RTD-PDs
    • RTDs demonstrated from direct epitaxial growth on silicon substrate
  • New state-of-the-art W- (84 GHz) and J-band (300 GHz) RTD transmission
  • First transmission using RTD-PDs with advanced modulation formats
  • First ever DVB-T audio/video transmission using RTD-PDs (10 GHz)
  • Ground-breaking simulation and experimental channel modelling
Newsletter #5 (Feb-2018)

Topics in this newsletter include:

  • iBROW final workshop (Glasgow , UK; 23-24 Apr-2018)
  • An update on RTD and RTD-PD development work at University of Glasgow
  • CST investigations into laser dynamics measurement techniques
  • fotonIC – Fibre Coupled PIC Platform: edge coupled fibre alignment from Optocap
Newsletter #4 (Dec-2016)

Topics in this newsletter are:

  • iBROW at European Microwave Week (London; Oct-2016)
  • III-V on Si wafer bonding for RTD processing from CEA-LETI
  • First reported RTDs on direct growth silicon wafers from IQE
  • Integrated antenna design and simulation from INESC TEC
  • iBROW input to standards for wireless comms led by TU Braunschweig
Newsletter #3 (Sep-2016)
This edition includes:

  • iBROW at European Microwave Week (Oct-2016)
  • Modelling of RTDs (University of Algarve)
  • Packaging high speed RTD and laser devices (Optocap)
  • Reducing thread dislocation density (IQE)
  • III-V on Si wafer bonding for RTD processing (CEA-LETI & III-V Lab)
Newsletter #2 (Feb-2016)
This edition includes the following topics:

  • Heterogeneous integration in the context of iBROW
  • Laser characterisation and development work at CST
  • Laser measurement and simulation at INESC TEC.
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Newsletter #1 (Sep-2015)
This first newsletter includes:

  • An overview of RTD technology
  • News of record-breaking RTDs from University of Glasgow
  • THz standards work from TU Braunschweig
  • A preview of the ALT 2015 conference (07-11 Sep-2015; Faro, Portugal).
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