iBROW at AOP 2017 (08-12 May-2017; Faro, Portugal)

iBROW will have a strong presence at AOP 2017, the Third International Conference on Applications in Optics and Photonics (08-12 May-2017; Faro, Portugal).
This event, hosted by iBROW partner University of the Algarve, will be the major optics conference in Portugal in 2017, and will discuss the recent progress and establish a view on the future of all fields of optics and photonics. The content is extremely wide ranging, with presentations invited from all fields and topics on applications of optics and photonics.
iBROW is a sponsor of the conference and will have two dedicated sessions at the event [THU 11-May-2017 (Th.3.c) and FRI 12-May-2017 (Fr.1.c)] with several guest speakers.


Invited iBROW papers include:
“Performance characteristics of 1550 nm and 1310 nm detuned ridge waveguide distributed feedback laser diodes”
Paper AO100-193: Scott Watson, Jue Wang et al. (Univ. of Glasgow, CST & Univ. do Algarve)
“Resonant tunnelling diode based high speed optoelectronic transmitters”
Paper AO100-194: Horacio I. Cantu & Andrew McKee (CST Global)
“Resonant tunneling diode oscillators for optical communications”
Paper AO100-209: Jue Wang, Abdullah Al-Khalidi et al. (Univ. of Glasgow & Univ. do Algarve)

Other iBROW papers include:
“Resonant tunneling diode photodetectors for optical communications”
Paper AO100-9: Gil C. Rodrigues, João F. M. Rei et al. (Univ. do Algarve & Univ. of Glasgow)
“Simulation of optoelectronic circuits based on resonant tunneling diodes”
Paper AO100-10: João F. M. Rei, James A. M. Foot et al. (Univ. do Algarve)


We hope to see you there!


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